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New DVD Releases

What movies are out on DVD this week

September 20, 2005

Desperate Housewives: First Season

Now you can own the hottest show on TV. Nobody seems to want to admit it, but America loves Desperate Housewives. The residents of Wisteria Lane have captivated audiences and taken us through a dizzying array of plot twists and neighborhood gossip. For those not familiar with Desperate Housewives, here is the show in a nutshell. The residents of Wisteria Lane have their appearances that they are trying to keep up with the neighbors. Underneath the appearances, however, they have private lives that are deliciously shocking. The show is narrated by Mary Alice Young, a former resident of Wisteria Lane. Poor Mary Alice committed suicide due to her own desperation. The Desperate Housewives DVD set comes with lots of extras. Unlike most DVDs that include a separate disc or the extras, Desperate Housewives spreads the extras throughout the six disc et. The best part of the bonus material is the commentary by the five lead actresses. They tell you about their favorite scenes and other fun stuff.
Wallace and Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures

Most people know Wallce and Gromit because of their acclaimed feature film, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Before they hit the big screen these clay creatures had a huge following among those who love claymation. Wallace and Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures is a great example of the interaction between cheese loving Wallace and the ever silent, but loyal dog Gromit.
The Outsiders: The Complete Novel

Who says that big time Hollywood directors don't listen to their fans? It may have taken twenty-two years, but Francis Ford Coppola finally released an updated version of his interpretation of the coming of age classic, The Outsiders. The Outsiders: The Complete Novel features twenty-two minutes of footage that was not included in the original release. The Outsiders was a very ambitious movie project and featured many A-List superstars of the day; Matt Dillon, C.Thomas Howell, Rob Lowe, Patrick Swayze, Diane Lane, Emilio Estevez and Tom Cruise. The two-disc set has an introduction and commentary by Francis Ford Coppola and separate commentary with the other co-stars.
The Longest Yard

Why Hollywood felt the need to remake this classic movie is beyond us, but remake it they did. Adam Sandler is no stranger to remakes having previously done Mr. Deeds. Sandler takes over the starring role from Burt Reynolds, playing a former star quarterback who falls on difficult times and eventually ends up in prison. While there, he molds a group of inmates into a football team and plays a game against the prison guards. Chris Rock and Burt Reynolds fill supporting roles in this surprisingly good movie. Bonus material includes deleted scenes, behind the scenes features, outtakes and a director (Peter Segal) commentary.
Ben-Hur Four Disc Collector's Edition

Ben-Hur fans rejoice! This DVD set features a fully remastered release of the 1959 epic, Ben-Hur, as well as the 1925 version. Bonuses include newsreels, screen tests, and an interesting documentary that explains the impact of Ben-Hur on future, but now famous, filmmakers.
Battlestar Galactica: Season One

Caution: This is not the classic 1970's sci-fi series starring Lorne Green, Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict. This season of Battlestar Galactica is the updated version of the classic series of the same name. Battlestar Galactica: Season One consists of thirteen episodes plus the initial plus the initial miniseries. Bonus material includes several featurettes, deleted scenes and commentary.
The Pretender: The Complete Second Season

This DVD set consists of twenty-one episodes on four discs. Bonus material includes commentary by series star Michael T. Weiss.

This Kevin Smith (Clerks) classic stars Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams and Shannen Doherty. This release marks the tenth anniversary of Mallrats and includes both the original movie and a director's cut which adds an additional twenty-seven minutes. Fans of the stars featured in the movie will not be disappointed as Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck and Jason Lee provide commentary and are interviewed.
Major Dundee

Major Dundee was a controversial movie for its time. Director Sam Peckinpah lost creative control of the movie during the editing phase. The result was a less than stellar (for Peckinpah) release of what should have been a great movie featuring the top stars of Hollywood in the mid-1960s Charlton Heston, Richard Harris, and James Coburn. The bonus materials in this release include an additional twelve minutes of footage, commentary by experts in the work of Sam Peckinpah, and a twenty-minute excerpt from the documentary Passion and Poetry: The Ballad of Sam Peckinpah.
Born Into Brothels

Born Into Brothels won the 2004 Academy Award for feature-length documentary. The movie documents the children born into the brothels of Calcutta. Perhaps the most interesting part of this documentary is that much of it was filmed by the children who also happened to be the subject of the film. The filmmakers, Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman provide commentary, as do some of the children featured in the documentary. The bonus material also includes deleted footage as well as updates about the children three years later.

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