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The Peerflix Revolution

It used to be possible to either rent or buy DVD movies. Now, thanks to Peerflix, there is a third option. Consumers may now trade their used DVDs.

Peerflix, the premier DVD bartering site on the internet began in early 2004 when two friends, Billy McNair and Dan Robinson, had a brief conversation about DVDs. McNair mentioned Robinson that he was going to buy some Baby Einstein DVDs for his daughter. Robinson replied that his daughter already had some Baby Einstein DVDs that she no longer watched and offered them to McNair. The DVDs found a new home and McNair and Robinson found a new business - Peerflix.

It is much cheaper for a family of four to buy a brand new DVD, or two, or three than it is to see a movie during its theatrical release. What happens after the initial viewing, however, is that movies sit on shelves never to be viewed again. Sixty percent or more of all DVDs purchased are viewed only one or two times. This is where Peerflix shines.

Peerflix.com contains elements of some very well known Internet companies: eBay, Amazon and Netflix. Like eBay, Peerflix provides the platform for people to transfer ownership of their DVDs. Peerflix does not actually handle an inventory of DVDs. Instead, they match people who want a particular DVD with people that have that DVD. The sheer number of DVD traders provides a selection of DVDs that rivals Amazon. Finally, Peerflix resembles Netflix in that it allows people to trade DVD they no longer want for others that they desire to own. What can be better than that!?

Both Amazon and eBay sell used DVDs. In fact, they sell lots of them. The problem with buying or selling a DVD through one of these sites is that, after shipping costs, transaction fees and commissions are factored in, the consumer actually ends up paying more than they would with Peerflix. Blockbuster has also entered the used DVD market. Them problem with Blockbuster is that they have a much smaller selection of movies that includes mostly mainstream titles.

Peerflix is very easy to join and use. After completing a quick sign up process, users can begin compiling their DVD lists. The first list involves the DVDs being offered for trade - the haves. The second list consists of the wants. Peerflix then notifies members when their desired DVD is available.

It is important to point out that when you send out a DVD you may not get one in trade right away. You might send a copy of Star Wars: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith to a Peerflix member in Boston and receive a copy of The Polar Express from another member in Los Angeles.

This model is made possible by the use of "Peerbux," internal currency earned by members each time they send out a DVD. Peerbux are spent each time a DVD is ordered. Each DVD title available for trade is assigned a Peerbux value: 3 for new releases, 2 for popular titles, and 1 for everything else.

The really great thing about Peerflix besides its convenience, large selection of DVDs and ease of use, is the cost. There is no subscriber fee required to be a Peerflix customer. Instead, Peerflix members pay just $0.99 each time they receive a DVD. That's it, $0.99!

Are you ready to join the Peerflix revolution? If you're ready to get rid of your old, seldom watched DVDs, receive fresh movie titles and catch up on the best movies Hollywood has to offer then you are definitely ready for Peerflix.


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