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Portable DVD Players

Take your DVD player with you and watch movies while you travel

Portable DVD players are great way to make long trips more enjoyable. Lightweight and compact, these players pack easily into carry on luggage or into your car. If only these had been around for those long car trips I took with my family many years ago. Portable DVD players are ideal for airplanes since they are small enough to sit on your lap (or your child's lap).

Use these guidelines to find the right portable DVD player for your needs

Dimensions and Weight

All of the players are fairly lightweight and small in size. Some, however, are smaller and lighter than others. Be sure to compare the weight before you buy.

Disc Formats Supported

Besides playing standard DVDs, many portable players today can double as CD players as well, eliminating the need to take one extra device on your trip. You should also consider seeing if your player can support CD-R,CD-RW or DVD-R as well, as these do-it-yourself disc formats are becoming popular amongst those who have burners at home.


Portable DVD players can work the same as a full size player in your home should the need ever arise. If you foresee this need, then look for a player with high quality outputs such as S-video.

Screen Size

Many players today come with built-in screens, which make it the ultimate DVD entertainment device for the road. While screen size varies somewhat, larger is definitely better.

Should I buy a Portable DVD player or a laptop computer?

This really depends on your needs. Most, if not all laptops produced today have the ability to play DVD movies. Laptops are much more expensive than portable DVD players. They also do much more - they are a computer first after all. If you are looking to play movies while traveling, by all means buy a portable DVD player.

Also consider the other advantages that portable DVD players have over laptops. Overall laptops are bigger, much heavier, have shorter battery life, and do not have a remote control, optical audio connection, S-video, and other conveniences for watching movies.

You really can't go wrong with a portable DVD player. They are relatively inexpensive and can be used just about anywhere; in multiple family vehicles, hotel rooms, airplanes, boats, trains, buses, waiting rooms, camping, in your home with a big screen TV. You are limited only by your imagination.


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