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Rent or Download DVD Movies Online

DVD Rental companies Engage in battle for customers

There is a bidding war going on between major players in the DVD rental market. These companies are bidding hard to make you their customer. There has never been a better time to sign up for these great services. Netflix and Blockbuster are both fighting to be your number one DVD movie rental choice. Both let you pick your movies online and they will mail you your selections. Blockbuster even lets you pick up your movie selections at one of their stores.

MovieLink - Downloadable Movies are Here

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Those of you with fast internet connections may want to explore services such as MovieLink which let you download movies straight to your PC. The prices are very competitive and can range from $1.99 to $4.99. MovieLink's advantage over Netflix and Blockbuster is that you don't have to wait for your DVD movie selections to arrive in the mail. Once you have decided what you want to watch you can download the movie within a few minutes to your computer. many of the newer comouters and televisions allow you to easily watch the movies you've downloaded on your TV for a more enjoyable movie watching experience.
Movielink(TM)-Download Hollywood Movies & New Releases


Longtime brick and mortar company, Blockbuster, has initiated a strong campaign to attract customers to its online DVD rental service. There are several reasons that you will want to check out the Blockbuster program, including:

  • A free two week trial
  • 2 Free in-store rentals per month
  • Availability of more than 25,000 titles
  • No extended viewing fees or late fees
click to check out Blockbuster



Netflix, is another major player in the online DVD rental marketplace. Like Blockbuster, they offer a Free Two Week Trial, a great monthly membership price of just $17.99/month, over 30,000 titles, and free shipping both ways with no late fees. So you have no driving hassles, no long lines to wait in and you always have 3 movies at home to watch if you want. And for those of you that hate committment don't worry because you can cancel at any time.
Netflix DVD Rentals. Only $9.99 a month. NO LATE FEES; Free Shipping. Try for FREE!

Who benefits from this intense competition? You the consumer!

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