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DVD / VCR Combo Players

What if you want to watch DVD movies and keep your old VHS movies, too?

Like many of you, I have a large collection of VHS tapes that I don't want to part with. Either the cost of replacing them with DVDs is too great or they are not yet available on DVD. That doesn't mean that you have to have both a VCR and a DVD player. You might not have the space and hooking both a DVD player and a VCR together can be inconveneient depending on your setup.

So if you want to have the best of both worlds in one unit there are many models of DVD/VCR Combo players out there for you to choose from. Like the DVD player these DVD/VCR players come with a variety of features and can include progressive scan, MP3, JPG, DVD-R and DVD+R support. All that and a VCR, too! This means you can watch a DVD movie with the DVD player and record a TV show with the VCR.


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