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Digital Recording Made Easy

DVD Recorders bump old VCRs off the shelf

Don't buy a DVD player or DVD recorder until you know what you need. DVD comes in many formats. Let us help you answer your questions before you buy.

If you're replacing an aging VCR, a recorder that uses digital technology now warrants first consideration tripster.ru. Digital recorders feature superior picture quality that can exceed that of a VCR, as well as other capabilities that no analog (tape) device can provide. For example, a digital recorder can locate specific recorded program segments with the click of a button. The days of start and stop fast-forward and rewinding are over.

The prices on DVD Recorders keep falling

Just as has been the case with other new forms of electronic technology, the prices of digital recorders continue to fall rapidly. Just a couple of years ago the prices of digital recorders far exceeded that of VCRs (remember the prices of VCRs 20 years ago?). Now, however, digital recorders now cost as little as $200 for a low-end machine. Higher-end machines can still cost up to $1800.

Digital recorders use two types of recording media, alone or in combination: DVD and hard drive. There are four distinct types of recorders available: DVD recorders, hard-drive recorders, combination DVD/hard-drive recorders, and DVD recorders with built in VCRs. Each of these can assist consumers in different ways depending on their needs.

You can expect great performance and quality recordings from any digital recorder. Below is a brief guide for the uses of the different types of DVD recorders and hard drive recorders. We invite you to review the individual pages for additional information. We'll even aid your shopping experience by offering particular models that suit people's individual needs.

The first step to making an informed shopping decision is to determine your needs

If you're looking only to replace a VCR and keep the same familiar functionality, then the basic DVD recorder is the way to go. DVD recorders are very similar to VCRs in terms of how they function. The major difference, apart from better picture and sound quality (among other things), is that DVD recorders use discs instead of tapes. Adding a hard drive enhances editing functionality, often dramatically. This is a good way to go if you plan to transfer a lot of home video to DVD.

Different still are DVD recorders built in to digital video recorders. These recorders serve mainly as a means of archiving TV programs that you want to save off the hard drive.

Finally, there are a few models that combine a DVD recorder and a VHS VCR These models are excellent for copying tapes to DVD and for making DVDs from home videos. If you will be converting a VHS library to DVD, look for a DVD recorder with a built in VCR.

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