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Hard-Drive Recorders (DVR)

With TiVo you never miss your favorite shows

These are recorders that consumers use with digital recording services such as TiVO, DIRECTV, ReplayTV or even your local cable company and then record shows on hard disks like the ones you find inside computers. They cost vary depending on hard disk size and the features included and the prices continue to fall. You can find some units as low as $99!

These systems allow you to such things as pause or rewind live television or satellite feeds, as well as record more than 120 hours of programming. Hard drive recorders sometimes require a phone connection (unless you rent the device from your cable company), and can archive the recordings only if connected to a VCR or a DVD recorder. Some higher-end hard-drive recorders can even play music or show photos from a PC on a home network.

With one of these hard drive recorders you will never again miss your favorite show with a little help from TiVo! Owning a DVR lets you watch what you want when you want to watch it. They say there's no going back once you own one because your TV viewing habits are changed forever. Because you can skip commercials a show that's normally 60 minutes long can be seen in its entirety in about 50 minutes. Think of it as getting back 10 minutes a day for each program you watch. If you're as busy as I am you soon learn that you can't live without a DVR.


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