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Guide to Buying DVD Players

Electronics retailers are practically giving away DVD Players

Like every other form of consumer electronics, the basic DVD player has plummeted in price in the years after its introduction. It is easy to find a base model DVD player in the $50 range. Even a basic model plays movies with superior audio and video quality. They also play music and CD picture discs. One of my favorite things to do is make a slide show of family vacations to play on the TV. It's a great way for the family to remember our good times together.

Most people want a little bit more than a base model DVD player. Some of the top rated models have far too many features to list here. Progressive scan DVD players that play all formats like JPG, DVD-R, DVD+R and MP3 usually do cost a bit more but if you are willing to spend the money you will not be disappointed. DVD players come in all colors and can be loaded with features or a DVD player can be very basic with fewer features. Fewer features almost always means a very affordable DVD player that is sure to fit almost any budget. Here is a rundown of some great deals on a variety DVD players.

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