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New DVD Releases - 11-1-2005

What movies are out on DVD this week

November 1, 2005

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

One of the most anticipated theatrical releases of all time is now on DVD. After two lukewarm installments of the Stars Wars saga, George Lucas hit a home run with Revenge of the Sith. In Episode III, Star Wars fans finally get to see how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader. The movie also features the epic battle between Master Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The two-disc set features the obligatory bonus material including six deleted scenes. The deleted scenes include a subplot that Lucas eventually came to believe failed to move the story forward.

Millions is a very warm story about a boy with very interesting insight into the lives of religious saints and his materialistic brother, who find themselves in disagreement about what to do with a suitcase full of cash that ends up in their possession. The DVD includes outtakes, deleted scenes, commentary, and more.
The War of the Worlds

No, this is not the Tom Cruise star vehicle remake. This is an updated version of the 1953 sci-fi classic. This re-release is full of bonus materials including a segment about the making of the movie, a feature about H.G. Wells, and Orson Welles' radio broadcast.
Sex and the City: The Complete Series

This large DVD set includes all 94 episodes of the popular HBO series Sex and the City. The set is composed of 20 discs, 19 devoted to the episodes plus a bonus disc.
The Brady Bunch: The Complete Fourth Season

Watch the fourth zany season of the popular 60's family sitcom. Watch twenty-three episodes of the Brady Bunch over four discs.
Fame: The Complete First Season

Fame began has a hit movie before becoming a popular television show. The series follows the lives and dreams of performance art students dancers, musicians, and actors at the famous School for the Performing Arts. The first season of Fame consists of sixteen episodes on four discs.
Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4

Season four of Star Trek: Enterprise consists of the final twenty-two episodes of the series. In addition to the six disc set of episodes, you get behind the scenes bonus material (even the series wrap party is covered), and information about the re-creation of set designs based on the original Star Trek series.
The Outer Limits: Season One

This is not the old Outer Limits TV show. This DVD set is the 1990's version of the classic sci-fi series. It's fun to see some of the guest stars in the Outer Limits: Season One set including Alyssa Milano, Beau Bridges, Ryan Reynolds and Robert Patrick. Twenty-one episodes are contained on five discs.
  The 1971 Dick Cavett show featuring John Lennon and Yoko Ono is regarded as one of the best moments in television history. This two-disc release includes that episode as well as another episode aired shortly after that. The second episode features additional John and Yoko interview material. Finally, there is a 1972 episode of the show that features John and Yoko performing songs. This is a must see DVD for Beatle fans.

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